2020 March Volume 7 , Issue 1 , March 2020

The Ill Health Effects of Pollution
Mr. Lodangi Nagakrishna1, Dr. Vijay Thawani2

Affiliations: 1Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, DVVPFs Medical College & Hospital, Ahmednagar-414111. (MS) India 2Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology, People\'s College of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Bhanpur, Bhopal – 462037.



Air pollution is the global problem that affects each and every organism on the earth. Air pollution is caused by human activities or by natural processes, which increases gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM),  ozone (O3) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the environment. According to world health organization (WHO) 29% of lung cancer, 17% of Acute lower respiratory infections, 43% of Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, 24% of deaths due to stroke and 25% of Ischemic heart disease are due to ambient air pollution.


Air pollution, Air quality monitoring, Health effects, climate change

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