Nitric Oxide Signalling & Oxidative Stress In Patients with Infectious Diseases


Nitric oxide (NO·)
lipid peroxides (MDA)
Infectious diseases
Nitric oxide synthase

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Dr. Anita Raut, Dr. Dhananjay Andure, Dr. Sangita M. Patil, Dr. Sonali Bhagat, & Mrs. Urmila Dravid. (2020). Nitric Oxide Signalling & Oxidative Stress In Patients with Infectious Diseases . VIMS Health Science Journal , 7(1), 10-12.


The Nitric oxide (NO.) is an intermediate between molecular oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2).  N2 has low solubility and readily diffuse through membranes as easily as through cytoplasm and is a strong oxidant. Molecular oxygen propagates free radical damage and has a central role in oxidative stress and in infectious diseases. In our study nitric oxide and lipid peroxide (MDA) level is measured in 100 healthy controls   and in 60 infectious diseases patients.   Both nitric oxide level (P<0.001) and lipid peroxide (p<0.001) was found significantly high in infectious diseases patient group than normal healthy control. The study concludes that NO· is the effector molecule that initiates the cytotoxic effects by increasing the oxidative stress.


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