Congenital Genu Recurvatum


Genu recurvatum
Subluxation of knee
Congenital dislocation of knee
Hyperextension of knee

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Dr. Abhijit Shinde, Dr. Sunil Natha Mhaske, & Dr. Sonal Shinde. (2020). Congenital Genu Recurvatum . VIMS Health Science Journal , 7(3), 87-88.


Congenital genu recurvatum is a rare malformation characterized by hyperextension of the knee and marked limitation of flexion1. We report a case of a newborn baby with hyperextension of right knee joint and anterior dislocation of tibia on femur. A full term baby girl born by normal vaginal delivery, presented with extreme hyperextension of right knee. Right knee was straightened passively. There were no associated anomalies. Radiograph revealed anterior dislocation of tibia on femur. Both hips were normal. Gentle manipulation followed by above knee slab was used on the first day of life. The slab was removed in three weeks. In three weeks, the knee adopted a normal shape. The slab was discontinued and the mother was advised to continue passive stretching. A follow up at the age of one month showed normal position of the knee.


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