Microethical & Relational Insights from Pediatric Palliative Care
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Micro ethics
Palliative care

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Shinde, D. A., Mhaske, D. S. N. ., Kothari, D. R. ., & Shinde, D. S. (2020). Microethical & Relational Insights from Pediatric Palliative Care. VIMS Health Science Journal , 7(4), 94-96. https://doi.org/10.46858/vimshsj.7401


In the India, more than 30 per 1000 live births of infants die each year before, during, or after birth as do many children with life- limiting conditions. In most countries in the developed world including the United States, the vast majority of infants, children and teenagers at end of life do not have access to multidisciplinary pediatric palliative care services in their community or at a children’shospital.

Pediatric palliative care is for children and teenagers suffering from life- threatening or life-limiting conditions in which survival into adulthood is or may be jeopardized if curative treatments  fail. As a result, pediatric palliative care may last over many years.

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