A Study to Assess the Stressors & Coping Strategies Among Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis Admitted at Tertiary Care Hospital In View to Develop Information Booklet


  • Mrs. Yogita Autade


Hemodialysis, Strategies, Information booklet


Background: Hemodialysis is the most common choice of treatment in chronic renal failure. Hemodialysis results in change in quality of life because of a number of modifications and restrictions which affects on the patients health functioning. Patients undergoing hemodialysis have severe stress, hence patients receiving hemodialysis use various strategies to cope with the stressors related to their disease and the treatment procedures. Aims & Objectives: a study to assess the stressors and coping strategies among patients undergoing hemodialysis at tertiary care hospital in view to develop information booklet. To find out association between selected socio-demographic variables and stressors, coping strategies. To assess the relationship between these stressors and the coping strategies used by patients undergoing hemodialysis. Methods: A cross sectional descriptive research design was used. The was collected from 30 hemodialysis patients by purposive sampling technique with use of modified hemodialysis stressors scale and coping strategies. Result: findings revealed that highest percentage 36.66% were in the age group of 51-66 years and 36-50 years of age majority 83.33% were male and 16.66% female patients, 86.66% were married and 13.33% patients were single. 40% of patients had primary education 23.33% had graduation. Maximum 53.33% daily wages workers. About 63.33% were in lower socio-economic. The majority of patients 70% belongs to joint family cause of hemodialysis is renal diseases reported by 73.33% patients. 73.33% patients reported that since 1-11 months is the duration of hemodialysis, about 96.66% undergoing hemodialysis twice in a week. Maximum 83.33% were travelled from above 20Km distance from home to dialysis centre. In physical stress fatigue, diet and fluid restriction is very often experience by the patients whereas psychological stressors changes in family responsibility decrease social life and patients felt dependent on hemodialysis machine and health team members. Very often socio-economic stressors was financial issue and job interference (83.33%) of patients had severe level of stress. Highest percentage (66.66%) of patients had completely adoptive coping, (33.33%) had partially adoptive coping. Karl Pearsons’s co-efficient of co-relation analysis showed positively moderate relationship between stressors and coping strategies of patient undergoing hemodialysis. (r=0.320)   Conclusion: data shows that the patients undergoing hemodialysis had severe stress. Modification in coping strategy should be implemented by the hemodialysis patient


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