Spacer Designs for Impression Technique In Conventional Complete Dentures
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Spacer designs
Impression philosophies
Impression procedures
Pressure technique
Selective pressure impression

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One of the key factors for the success of a complete denture prosthesis is the accurate recording of all the details in the impression procedures. Various impression philosophies have been proposed till date. Amongst all the selective pressure impression technique is most widely accepted. In this technique, custom tray having spacers of different materials, size and designs is fabricated. Depending on the vulnerable tissues they are relieved and stresses are distributed selectively to biomechanically stress bearing sound tissues. Through knowledge of the anatomy, with biological consideration of the vulnerable tissues and understanding the properties of materials used in the fabrication is must for making custom impression tray. Adequate extension with required thickness and designs of spacer, tissue stops, escape holes, tray handles and polymerization time regarding custom impression trays in prosthodontics should be considered. This article will give a clear review to the dentists regarding different types of spacer design, material and thickness of the spacers, tissue stops and escape holes by various authors, based on various clinical situations.

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