Unique Presentation Of A Warty Lesion Masquerading Other Diseases - A Case Report
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Verrucous hemangioma
Capillary/ Cavernous hemangioma

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Dr. Syed Ameenuddin Ali, Dr. Nausheen Syed, & Dr. Jayant Gadekar. (2019). Unique Presentation Of A Warty Lesion Masquerading Other Diseases - A Case Report. VIMS Health Science Journal , 6(2), 50-51. https://doi.org/10.46858/dvvpf.j.


Verrucous hemangioma (VH) is an uncommon capillary or cavernous hemangioma which usually presents in early childhood as vascular papules, plaques or nodules.  Principally, it is present on one of the lower extremities that enlarges over time. Therefore, early diagnosis is warranted to avoid deeper tissue resection. Pathologically it is characterized by reactive skin changes like hyperkeratosis and papillomatosis.  Here, we discuss a rare presentation of a case of verrucous hemangioma with features mimicking a number of diseases causing a diagnostic dilemma.

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