Stem Cell Therapy - Current Scenario, Challenges and Future in India: A Review


  • Dr. Amrut A. Swami
  • Dr. Anand R. Bhide
  • Dr. Katta Anuhya University of Perpetual Help System Delta, Jonelta Foundation, School of Medicine, Las Pinas City, Manila
  • Dr. Jillella Tharuni
  • Dr. Vishal M. Vyawahare



Stem cell, Stem cell therapy, Regenerative medicine


This review paper explores the evolving landscape of stem cell therapy in India and globally. Key points included in this review are the historical development of stem cell therapy, diverse sources of stem cells, the current global landscape encompassing research, regenerative medicine, clinical trials, and ethical considerations. India's active involvement in stem cell research, government initiatives, and the cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells are highlighted. The paper discusses stem cell therapy's potential in addressing ALS, neuroinflammation, and COVID-19. It concludes by emphasizing the promising future of stem cell therapy, highlighting the need for robust clinical trials and ethical considerations. This concise overview provides insights into the state and potential of stem cell therapy in India and worldwide.


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