Catechu Stain for Cerebrum & Peripheral Nerve


  • Dr. B. R. Zambare
  • Dr. S. D. Jadhav


Catechu, Cerebrum, Peripheral Nerve, Nervous tissue, Ferric Ammonium Sulphate


Aims & Objectives: Staining of the different components of nervous tissue is in a single preparation is very difficult. Different types stains were used for it but results are not encouraging. Catechu which is routinely known as Kattha is used for staining nervous tissue and observed that different components of nervous tissue are stained in a single preparation. Aim of the present study was to stain the sections of cerebrum and peripheral nerve by using catechu stain. Materials & Methods: we used 2% ferric ammonium sulphate as mordent and tincture catechu as principal stain, for paraffin sections of cerebrum and peripheral nerve.  Sections were treated with mordant 2% ferric ammonium sulphate at room temperature for one hour. After one hour, sections were washed in tap water followed by missing in distilled water. Sections were stained with tincture of catechu for 18 hours at 600°C in an oven. Sections were washed in tap water, followed by rinsing in distilled water then, dehydrated in graded alcohols. Cleared in xylol and mounted in DPX. Results: we observed differential staining of various layers of cerebral cortex and in peripheral nerve axon, epineurium and endoneurium were well defined. Conclusion: various components of cerebral cortex and peripheral nerve are stained in single preparation by this method which is easy, cost effective and can be used by in experienced person.


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