A Rare case of Bilateral Hernia Of Canal Of Nuck
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Inguinal hernia
Hernia repair
Canal of Nuck

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Prabhat , D. A. K. ., Dash, D. N. ., Gadekar, D. J. M., & Thipse, D. V. J. . (2017). A Rare case of Bilateral Hernia Of Canal Of Nuck. VIMS Health Science Journal , 4(3), 144-147. Retrieved from https://vimshsj.edu.in/index.php/main/article/view/250


Inguinal hernia is quite uncommon in female, as compared to in males because of stronger inguinal anatomy in female. Rare in paediatric age group. We report a case of 7 year old female patient who presented to our hospital with bilateral inguinal hernia. She underwent hernia repair. On inguinal exploration, hernia sac on right side was containing an unusual content as ovary and on the left side hernia sac was containing small bowel loops. Hernia sac was transfixed after reduction of its contents. She had a smooth post operative course. There is no recurrence during one year of follow up.

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