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Scientific article
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Andure, D. D. (2022). Reading a Scientific Article. VIMS Health Science Journal , 9(1), 01-02.


To read a scientific article is a comprehensive task. Normally one can approach this task with treating it like textbook; reading the scientific article from title to references cited, accepting everything along the way without any your reflection or criticism over the article, is the most wrong way of reading an article. Reading a scientific research article for the first time may be confusing and little difficult to comprehend. The current information suggests you how to read a scientific article beat by beat and thoroughly. You should not approach a scientific article like a textbook; i.e. reading from beginning to end of the chapter or book without pause for reflection or criticism. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you highlight and take notes as you move through the article. Having proper notes while reading an article will keep you focused on the task and help you work towards proper comprehension of the entire article.
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