Clinico-pathological Study and Management of Sinonasal Masses


  • Dr. Komal Kakad Gajanan ENT Hospital, Ahmednagar-414001, Maharashtra, India
  • Dr. Gajanan Mohniraj Kashid
  • Dr. Harshala Palve



Sinonasal masses, Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy, Ct scan PNS, Histopathological diagnosis in sinonasal masses, Draf 3


Background: The Sino nasal tract and para nasal sinuses, in spite of being an anatomically smaller region, have a complex variety of lesions ranging from non- neoplastic to neoplastic. The purpose of this study was to classify various types of non- neoplastic and neoplastic lesions presenting as sinonasal masses at Gajanan ENT Hospital and management of these cases. Methodology: Patients with sinonasal masses, diagnosed at the institute, were included in the study. Previously treated cases, congenital lesions were excluded. Study factors were demographics, diagnostic nasal endoscopy, CT scan PNS, MRI with contrast and histopathology. The data was presented as descriptive statistics with comparing the diagnosis on DNE, CT scan PNS, MRI and histopathology. Diagnosis on histopathological examination was considered to be definitive. Results: A total of 80 patients were included in the study. Demographic data showed equal female and male predominance, with most patients from age group 31-40 years. Nasal obstruction was the most common presenting symptom. 56 patients had non-neoplastic lesions; 20 patients had neoplastic benign lesions while 4 patients had neoplastic malignant lesions. Conclusion: Large number of patients present with different symptoms but need careful examination and appropriate diagnosis. Clinical suspicion and appropriate investigations can guide in timely intervention and management of these patients reducing the morbidity and mortality in these patients. Treatment is to be individualised. Few cases with extensive diseases were managed by medial maxillectomy & Draf 3 procedure.


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