Significance of Inner Nasal Valve In Septoplasty
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Nasal obstruction
Internal nasal valve
Spreader grafts

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Bhoyar, D. S. S., Kashid, D. G. M. ., Gaikwad, D. A. ., Purohit, D. S. A. ., Gupta, D. A. S. ., Waghmare, D. S. K. ., & Palve, D. H. . (2021). Significance of Inner Nasal Valve In Septoplasty. VIMS Health Science Journal, 8(1), 3–8.


Background: Nasal obstruction due to deviated septum is commonly treated with conventional septoplasty. This surgery however is inadequate in cases of compromised nasal valves and leads to persistent symptoms. Hence, we stressed the evaluation of nasal valves before septal surgery & studied the outcome of  the patients with valve area correction. Aim: To prove the significance of inner nasal valve in nasal surgery. Objective : To analyse the outcome of  Open septoplasty. Methodology:A  retrospective review of  our patients undergoing Open septoplasty was analysed from April 2016 to January 2021. The preoperative and post operative evaluations were calculated & statistically analysed. Results : A total of 400 patients underwent Open septoplasty. Out of which 392(98%) showed symptomatic improvement in breathing difficulty &   380(95%) were happy with the asthetic improvement.  Conclusion: Open septoplasty and Spreader grafts is best solution to improve Internal Nasal valve angle. Rim graft to improve external valve collapse. Spreader graft also gives asthetic & functional improvement
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