Anaesthesia for Bronchoscopy- A Review Article
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Conscious sedation

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Trivedi, D. A., Rawat, D. H. S., & Pandey, D. A. K. . (2016). Anaesthesia for Bronchoscopy- A Review Article. VIMS Health Science Journal, 3(2), 66–73. Retrieved from


Bronchoscopy as an investigation or therapeutic procedure demands anaesthesiologist act accordingly. The present review will take the reader from rigid to fibreoptic flexible bronchoscopy. These procedures are now done as day care procedures in the operation theatre or in critical care units. Advantages and limitations of both rigid and flexible bronchoscopy are analysed. Recently, conscious sedation has come up as the commonly used anaesthetic technique for simple bronchoscopic procedures. However, general anaesthesia till remains a standard technique for more complex procedures. New advances in the field of anaesthesiology such as use of short acting opioids, use of newer drugs such as dexmedetomidine, supraglottic airways and mechanical jet ventilators have facilitated and eased the conduct of the procedure.

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