Lichen Scrofulosorum : A Case Report
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Lichen Scrofulosorum
Pulmonary tuberculosis

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Vikhe, D. S. R. ., Gosavi, D. R., Patil, D. N. ., & Mhaske, D. S. (2014). Lichen Scrofulosorum : A Case Report . VIMS Health Science Journal, 1(4), 175–177. Retrieved from


Lichen Scrofulosorum (LS) is a rare tuberculid seen in children and young adults with underlying tuberculosis. We describe a patient with rare skin manifestations and simultaneous pulmonary tuberculosis. This 9 year old male child had suffered from productive cough for 1 month, characteristic LS rashes were noted over abdomen, back and buttocks 15days prior to admission to our hospital. Chest roentgenography showed prominent bronchovascular markings over both lung fields, and sputum culture yielded Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. LS was diagnosed using the skin biopsy results and the papules healed with dystigmentation after antituberculous therapy.

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