Keratoacanthomatous Tattoo Reaction: A Case Report
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Tattoo reaction
Squamous epithelia

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Syed, D. N., Indurkar, D. V., Gosavi, D. R., Gadekar , D. M. ., Marwale, D. J., Revanwar, D. S. ., & Chate, D. A. (2018). Keratoacanthomatous Tattoo Reaction: A Case Report. VIMS Health Science Journal , 5(2), 85-87. Retrieved from


Keratoacanthomas are rapidly growing, keratinizing, epithelial neoplasms that tend to spontaneously involute and are rarely multiple or eruptive. It is still debatable, whether or not this condition is a malignancy or a benign epidermal neoplasm; Although the association between malignancy and tattoos is very uncommon dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons should be attentive to this possibility. When waiting for spontaneous involution is not an option, surgery is the preferred treatment. Other therapeutic modalities used for the treatment of this condition include radiotherapy; cryotherapy; laser therapy; and multiple intralesional, topical, and systemic agents. We report here, a keratoacanthoma arising in a red ink portion of a recent tattoo which was treated by surgical excision.

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