Demographic Evaluation of Pediatric Medico-Legal Cases in Casualty
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Medicolegal cases
Paediatric casualty
Paediatric disabilities

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Reddy, D. N., Shinde, D. A. ., Waydande, D. S. ., & Mhaske, D. S. N. . (2022). Demographic Evaluation of Pediatric Medico-Legal Cases in Casualty. VIMS Health Science Journal, 9(3), 77–80.


INTRODUCTION- Pediatric medico-legal cases are important public health problems in the pediatric casualty in India. These cases are among the leading causes of pediatric disabilities and deaths. We conducted a study to evaluate the demographic features of the medico-legal cases who presented to our pediatric casualty.METHODOLOGY- : In a total of two year study period, 120 patients were presented in casualty as  medico-legal cases. Information about the patients was obtained from hospital records and analysed by us from casualty. RESULTS- : 70 male (58.3%) and 50 female (41.6%) patients were included in our study. The majority of the patients were between 10- 14 years of age (n=30; 25.0%). Fall from height  was the major complaint (n= 60; 50%) of our patients. Winter was the most common season (n= 37; 30.6%) and January (n=13; 11%) was the most common month for medico-legal admissions. The majority of the patients (n=42; 35%) presented to our emergency room between 18-24 hours. 78 cases (65%) had health risks at the time of presentation. Conclusion: Developing effective & preventive strategies is essential to prevent child  injuries. Majority of cases were males and adolescents. There is an urgent need to focus more on this vulnerable age group i.e. adolescent age group. There should be increased awareness among  pediatricians about these medico legal cases and improving counselling skills to handle relatives of patients.
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