Congenital Dentigerous cyst: A Rare Case Report


  • Dr. Rishabsingh Deo
  • Dr. Neha Khadke Department of Paediatrics, DVVPFs Medical College & Hospital, Ahmednagar-414111, Maharashtra
  • Dr. Abhijit Shinde
  • Dr. Suresh Waydande
  • Prof. Dr. Sunil Natha Mhaske



Developmental cyst, Dentigerous cyst, Odontogenic cyst


Dentigerous cysts comprise the second most common type of odontogenic cysts, after radicular cysts, representing nearly 20% of all the true jaw cysts. A vast majority of the dentigerous cysts are associated with impacted permanent teeth. We report a case of full term one day old male neonate, presented with an intraoral mass in the anterior sector of the mandible suggestive of Dentigerous cysts. Our case, which is a rare presentation of dentigerous cyst in a 1 day old neonate—the earliest case to be documented—points to the fact that the cyst may be manifested even before the eruption of the first permanent tooth, and can be actually associated with it.


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Deo, D. R. ., Khadke, D. N., Shinde, D. A. ., Waydande, D. S. ., & Mhaske, P. D. S. N. . (2023). Congenital Dentigerous cyst: A Rare Case Report. VIMS Health Science Journal, 10(2), 58–60.



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